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You Know What I Did in Bootcamp? (Part 2)

Since 2008, I adopted running as my hobby. Men’s Health Run, Energizer Night Run, Mizuno Wave, Genting Trailblazer, New Balance/Klang Pacer Run and many more. The maximum distance I have done is 14km (Genting Trailblazer).

Many of my old friends were surprised that I am so different now. I used to be a chubby kid. Even a stranger asked me, why am I so fat. Was it due to eating too much of sausages? I could still remember this fresh in my mind. And having school mates laughing at you, teasing you and calling names is not a good experience. I used to be stuck with names like Thum-mitrim and Jelly. I could still remember who were the ones calling me these.

Therefore, I promised myself not to let myself grow fat again. And I must keep fit. Besides running, I also enrolled myself to a gym previously. And now, I am an official bootcamper of COBC. Hooyah!!!

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