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Gingerbread Cookies for X’mas

X’mas is just around the corner and it’ll be our 2nd year celebrating in our KM nest with my group of primatz aka primary schoolmates (and partners). This year, we are doing potluck and the theme colour is RED & GREEN. Can’t wait for the party to go on!

As the host, we are preparing something extra for our guests. Our very own Gingerbread Cookies. It’s our first time doing this and we really hope our guests love these little guys.

Baked first batch… more to come…

Shaping the small little men… la la la la la…

Stamping out the gingerbread men… cute horr… 🙂

The artist at work… giving the little men their suit and smiley faces…

Wah… so serious worr… dressing up the “naked” gingerbread men…

Our cute little gingerbread men… Hhhmmm… Delicio~! And smells good too! Kalah Famous Amos… Muahahahaha!

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