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You Know What I Did in Bootcamp? (Part 4)

On 26 September 2011, marked the starting of the 8 Week Challenge. All participating COBC’ians took part in this wonderful dietary plan. We were given directions and guidance on how and what to eat and not to eat. Various workouts and exercises were given through its forum to help burn fat and build muscles. All we need to do is to follow them strictly.

During this 8 weeks, I have gone through different types of changes. Many people who know me thought that I was sick as I grew thinner in such a noticeable difference. Without knowing that I am going through the challenge, they condemned my new eating habit. Without understanding the actual food that I can eat, they actually served me with non 8WC compliant food, which I had to reject politely.

All these were so worth it. Once I revealed my new body online in my Facebook, they were actually stunned and surprised! Not only they praised my determination, they also asked about the diet plan which they wanted to follow.

During 8WC, I have learned so much. I learned how to cook without oil. I learned drinking skim milk instead of HL milk. I learned how to choose healthier food over the less healthy ones. I learned to find 8WC compatible food even when I am not at home cooking.  There are so much that I have learned. Mostly changing of eating habit. Most importantly, think before you eat.

To know what I’ve eaten and cooked during my 8WC, click here.

8WC is actually a competition between COBC’ians from Australia and Malaysia, competing to win cold hard cash AUD5k (RM15k). Everyone was so determined and strong. The competition was not easy. However, no Malaysians manage to win any International titles. Only one recruit from Malaysia managed to get to the finals – Kym Wishnowski from BU. Well done, Kym!

Original blog : Ordinary People Getting Extraordinary Result

However, there were local champions and runner ups being selected at each platoons and I won the title of Local Champion USJ1 while Sarah Tan is the runner up. Hooyah!

Original blog : The 8WC Champions!!!

Another surprise is that there is actually a Malaysian category up for grab! I managed to grab the 2nd runner up title, while Mohammad Fazli and Sarah Tan are the winner and 1st runner up respectively. It was such a surprise for me that I finally won something active and sporty!!! It is indeed an achievement I am proud of. Not only I live a healthier life now, I also live with my 6 packs washboard abs now!!! Wuuhoooo!!!!


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