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Crossfit Challenge with Emerge KL


I was invited to participate, representing team VU, in the crossfit challenge, organized by Emerge KL. It was divided into 4 segments. First was last man standing of squat hold, which I got second behind Joe Liew. Second was last man standing of plank hold which I emerged as the title holder, beating favourites like Joe Liew and Wee Liam. Third, last man standing of thrusters. Thomas Ong of VU lasted second. Lastly was a mystery challenge which was being announced on-the-spot. It was a race of pulling and carrying tyre. VU fought to its best and we succeeded to go for gold. We were crowned the champion for the crossfit challenge.


Thanks Yin Har, Thomas and David Oh for giving me a chance to fight this challenge with you all. Job well done!


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