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Striking Neon Run 2012


Sunway was painted pink today. Ran 7km in 36:56s. Managed to get placing #31, helping VU adding 2 points. I’m hoping Emerge VU can become the overall winner. Still possible, guys. Keep it up!


Mein and I…


Thomas Ong, one of the organising committee and a buddy!


Adrian Joseph, an ex-school mate.


Bootcampers’ shoes…


Mr and Mrs Staff Sarge Dann… “Thanks for everything guys.Both of you have definitely given impact to many lives.”

3 thoughts on “Striking Neon Run 2012”

  1. May I know, in Men’s open, who’s the winner? Including his time taken to complete the race. If possible, the top 3. Really interested in this. Thank you.


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