Busan Trip (Day 1)

Our long awaited trip to Busan has finally arrived and gone. It was a 5D4N trip via Air Asia X, started on 5 – 9 December 2013. Mein has been preparing the itinerary since the first day buying the flight tickets. Hahaha…! Kiasunyerr… But I am too lucky to have her. Without her well-planned itinerary, our trip would not have gone so smooth. Thanks, dear! 🙂

As for the hotel part, I did the booking direct with the hotel itself – Elysee Motel, located near Yongdusan Park and Nampodong area. Its location is quite strategic as it is very near the main shopping road in Nampodong and it has 2 subway stations near it – Nampodong station (Exit 7) and Jungangdong station (Exit 1).

One thing very special about this hotel is that each room has its own sauna room. Cool right? I know! 🙂

busan_dixon (92)

A private sauna in our room

busan_dixon (88)

Special thanks to Jo for his hospitality and kindness

Mein’s friend, Jo, received us from the airport and he brought us to our hotel by taking the subway. We bought a Cashbee card each (4000 won) and reloaded 20,000 won each for our whole trip. And that’s actually more than enough for us! You can travel by subway and bus with this card. Just tag in and tag out at each entrance and exit.

busan_dixon (93)

Christmas deco along Nampodong street

It was such a great moment to be there in Busan as it was the Christmas Tree Festival along Nampodong street. The whole street was brightly lit and decorated Christmas-themed ornaments.

busan_dixon (94)

A very tall Christmas tree at the centre of the junction

busan_dixon (96)

busan_dixon (95)

Baskin Robbins cakes of various designs and sizes

Despite the cool weather (average 10-13 degrees daily), the streets were jostled with people and hawker foods can be found everywhere! My personal favourite was the fried mochi with chunks of peanut and grains. Thanks to Jo for introducing this snack to us, before bringing us for dinner.

busan_dixon (89)

busan_dixon (90)

My favourite street snack. Must try! 🙂

busan_dixon (91)

A Korean chicken dish

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