Busan Trip (Day 2)

In the morning of Day 2, our destination was Hae Dong Yong Gung Temple. Just take a subway to Haeundae station and take a bus (no. 181) to the temple.

busan_dixon (97)

Upon arrival, you will see this big rock sign

busan_dixon (136)

Cute little pines along the way…

After alighting the bus, walk up a hill before you reach the temple. We saw a beautiful cafe along the way. It was like those little coffee house we see on Korean dramas. It was still early for business. Mein and I agreed to return for a cup after visiting the temple.

busan_dixon (175)

You will see this cafe on the left before arriving the entrance of the temple

busan_dixon (137)

More pines… 😛

Upon arriving the temple entrance, there were so many stalls selling souvenirs and local delicacies on both sides of the road. We were among the early birds. Therefore, not many stalls were open at that moment.

busan_dixon (138)

Greeted by souvenir stalls

busan_dixon (141)

… and local delicacies. Try this. Something like hot crunchy fried mochi with red bean paste

busan_dixon (139)

The temple at the background

busan_dixon (140)

Hands as seats… hmmm… in a temple…

Walking around the temple area needs a little of stamina as there were a lot of stairs and steps going up and down. But I must admit that I admire the scenery and view from the highest peak.

busan_dixon (98)

The beautiful scenery from the highest peak

When we were about to leave the temple, we stopped by the cafe just now for a rest and our daily dose of caffeine. Mein loves the place very much.

busan_dixon (142)

At the entrance of the cafe

busan_dixon (143)

So many bunny plush toys in the cafe

busan_dixon (144)

Mein loves them to bits

busan_dixon (145)

busan_dixon (146)

Next stop was Haeundae beach. Just walk back down the hill to the place we alighted the bus just now. Take bus no. 181 back to Haeundae subway station. From this station, stroll along the road to the beach. You can see many direction boards to the beach around that area. So no worries.

Something worth sharing was a piece of crunchy cookie ball coated with chocolate called Schneeballen. Go down to the subway station and you can find this stall opposite the washroom. This snack comes with various flavours. Try one. Being a chocolate lover, I bought the chocolate one, of course!

busan_dixon (99)

Schneeballen of various flavours

busan_dixon (100)

Mine, crushed with a hammer. Ask the vendor to crush it for you.

busan_dixon (101)

Munch, munch!

Dropped by the Haeundae market for a moment. We saw something very special – charcoal smoked eggs. Exciting look, with not-so-exciting taste. Hahaha. Tasted like normal eggs loh.

busan_dixon (178)

Welcome to Haeundae Market !

busan_dixon (147)

Charcoal smoked eggs for sale

busan_dixon (148)

Read this for more explanation

busan_dixon (149)

The egg white is brown

busan_dixon (176)

Fruit stall with super large fruits

busan_dixon (150)

Look at those strawberries!

busan_dixon (177)

Variety of kimchi and other preserved seafood & veggies

Upon reaching the Haeundae beach, we visited the Busan Aquarium. It was school holidays. Many school kids that time. However, we managed to catch some of its performances and feeding demo. And it was my first encounter with penguins. I love penguins so much. And not forgetting sea turtles.

busan_dixon (102)

A shark welcomed us at the aquarium

busan_dixon (152)

Cute jellyfish – but poisonous

busan_dixon (103)

Mr Shark

busan_dixon (104)

Huge stingray

After snapping some beautiful photos at the beach, we head to Shinsegae Centum City, the largest shopping mall in Asia, certified by Guinness World Book of Records, via subway. We also managed to dropby the Busan Cinema Center where the Busan International Film Festival is held yearly.

busan_dixon (153)

busan_dixon (154)

busan_dixon (107)

I want to thank the crew, director, producer, my family and most of all, my wife!

busan_dixon (108)

The Best Actress award goes to…

Before calling it a day, we went to Spaland located in Centum City!!! My favourite spot among all. Tips : enter after 8pm as the price is very much cheaper. Just 7,000 won per pax (weekdays) / 9,000 won (weekends)! If normal hours, 12,000 won (weekdays) / 14,000 (weekends). What’s so special about Spaland?! Well, go and try it. It will amuse you in many ways.

busan_dixon (109)

busan_dixon (110)

Rendam kaki… aaahhh… leganya…

busan_dixon (111)

Our locker keys

busan_dixon (112)

Camwhoring in one of the therapy rooms. This is a SEV light therapy room. The light changes colours every few minutes.

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