Busan Trip (Day 4) – Final

It was basically our last day to travel around Busan. The next day was just to travel from the hotel to airport for departure. We started our journey to Taejongdae Park. We walked from the hotel to the bus station near Lotte departmental store in Nampodong to take bus no. 30 to Taejongdae Terminus.

busan_dixon (126)

Yeah!!! We have arrived

Upon arriving the park entrance, we went for a toilet break and hiked up to its Danubi Tramcar ticket counter. There is no entrance fee to enter the park if you choose to walk. Being a tourist, taking the tramcar to travel around the park is definitely a wiser option. Just hop on and hop off the tramcar when you reach its stops. The fee for this tramcar ride was 1,500 won per pax. Among the attractive spots we went to were the Natural Observation Path, Taejongsa Temple, the Lighthouse, Observation deck and the Gumyeongsa Temple.

busan_dixon (2)

The tramcar ticket counter

busan_dixon (3)

Danubi tramcar… Chooo! Chooo!!!

busan_dixon (4)

Let’s go!

busan_dixon (127)

busan_dixon (130)

busan_dixon (128)

busan_dixon (5)

busan_dixon (129)

Similar to Jeju island, these ladies fresh life seafood right in front of their customers’ eyes

busan_dixon (168)

busan_dixon (169)

We got hungry easily in such a cold weather. Eating everywhere… 😛

busan_dixon (171)

Choi Jiwoo exhibition at the observatory deck

busan_dixon (170)

busan_dixon (131)

busan_dixon (1)

Another round of snacking…

busan_dixon (172)

busan_dixon (173)

The lighthouse

busan_dixon (174)

busan_dixon (8)

busan_dixon (7)

A horizontal view of the lighthouse…

After a long trip at the Taejongdae Park, we went for a lunch and took a bus back to Nampodong. Our next station was Gwangalli Beach. We took the subway to Gwangan station and came out from Exit 3 or 5. Keep walking towards the beach direction. Road signs are available everywhere.

busan_dixon (132)

Our lunch – side dishes were more than the main dish. Only 8,000 won for this meal. Hahaha!

The Gwangan Bridge welcomed us at its horizon. It was such a scenic view! And there were so many coffee shops along the whole stretch of road. Us being coffee addicts jumped in to one of the cafe to enjoy a cuppa. We chose Angel in Us. Not bad! We loved the environment and ambience.

busan_dixon (16)

The Gwangan Bridge

busan_dixon (133)

Gwangan Beach

busan_dixon (9)

busan_dixon (10)

busan_dixon (134)

Relaxing ourselves at Angel in Us

busan_dixon (11)

Night view

busan_dixon (12)

Spiderman, Spiderman…

busan_dixon (13)

busan_dixon (135)

busan_dixon (14)

busan_dixon (15)

A meal which we witness the raw ingredients cook in front of our eyes!

For dinner, we went to meet up with Jo. He brought us for another special meal. Thank you again, Jo! 🙂

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