Busan Trip (Day 3)

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We went to Gamcheon Culture Village on Day 3. Took the subway to Toseong station and come out at Exit 6. Walk to a junction and turn right. Walk until we reached a bus stop in front of a hospital (more like a cancer centre). Took a bus no. 2-2. Alighted when we reach the entrance of the village. The entrance is located right in front of a primary school. In fact, there were many people alighted here. That’s why we didn’t miss it.

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The tourist information centre

busan_dixon (157)

Outstanding artwork found around the village

busan_dixon (114)

busan_dixon (161)

busan_dixon (155)

busan_dixon (158)

Colourful stepsbusan_dixon (117)

Too many spots for photo snapping.

busan_dixon (116)

Never forget to lift even when you travel! 🙂

busan_dixon (167)

Cute fox and a boy

busan_dixon (164)

This place is all about colours!

We looked for a tourist information centre with the help of an English-speaking volunteer tourist guide and bought a map (2,000 won) there. This map shows the whole structure of the village. With this map, you can actually collect stamps at certain spots around the village and there are two locations which you can exchange for postcards. Without this map, the fun might not be as great. Tips : Wear sports shoes because travelling around this village requires a lot of walking and hiking. To return to Toseong subway station, just walk across the road at the entrance just now and wait for the bus (no. 2 or 2-2).

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Get this map from the tourist information centre (2,000 won each)

busan_dixon (162) busan_dixon (160)

Chop! Chop! Chop! Collect stamps around the village

busan_dixon (165)

Mission accomplished! Tadaaa~~~

busan_dixon (163)

busan_dixon (113)

busan_dixon (166)

3-D art

busan_dixon (189)

There was a room where visitors can doodle on its wall

busan_dixon (190)

Mein’s masterpiece

As we did not want to tire ourselves too much, we took the subway back to Nampodong area and went to the Busan Tower in Yongdusan Park. Entrance ticket to the observatory deck was 4,000 won per pax. We went up to the deck and viewed Busan at 360 degree. Here, an employee spoke with us and pointed out some attractions around. busan_dixon (188)

Busan Tower

busan_dixon (182)

A view from the observatory deck. Our hotel is the building at the lower left corner

busan_dixon (118)

Colourful locks with love wishes

One of them which caught my attention was Gukje Market. So wait no more! We headed towards the direction and reached Gukje Market. It was located plus minus 10 minutes walk from the tower. Too many things to see in this market. And many street food around. busan_dixon (119)

Street food and snacks

busan_dixon (120)

Such a cute puppy… Does it understand Chinese? Hmmm…

busan_dixon (121)

Enjoying ice cream in the cold. Too good to be true!

Walking and sightseeing around Gukje Market leaded us back to the Christmas Tree Festival street. We had a very special dinner there. A restaurant where you BBQ your own squids. I loved it sooo much! Must try for those who love new experience. busan_dixon (187)

A recommended restaurant for dinner

busan_dixon (186)

If you don’t read Korean, recognise this big picture on its door

busan_dixon (123)

Self service! 🙂

busan_dixon (122)

This meal cost about 22,000 won for two pax. Comes with the squids, some side dishes (refillable) and rice

Also, we went to Lotte supermarket nearby. Bought some souvenirs and to our surprise, they actually give discount of 500 won for bringing our own non-woven bag. Great initiative to encourage people bring their own bags and save mother Earth. busan_dixon (183)

This is how they sell durian and mangosteen in Korean

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