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Calling for my Osho Zen Tarot and it Heard Me

I have been searching high and low for this book and deck called “Osho Zen Tarot”. A friend of mine has always been using this and sharing it with me for quite some time. Whenever we feel lost and looking for an answer to some uncertainty in life, we always consult the deck. So far, it has been very sharp and accurate. However, hers is Mandarin version. I need an English version. Therefore, I started to google for it. And finally, another friend told me that it can be found in at a reasonable price, cheaper than buying it at the store in KL. What more? Click. Click. Pay. Click. Done!

According to the website, it says 7-10 working days for delivery to Malaysia. Waited until the ninth day but my parcel has not arrived. Started to panic. So, I emailed the customer service of the online bookstore. The personnel called, Jackie advised me that they have sent it via Royal Mail which eventually will reach the hand of the local daily postal service in Malaysia, namely Pos Malaysia. And they sent it by free standard shipping which means, they do not have any tracking number. What?!?! Lagi panic.

But Jackie was kind enough to tell me that for any possible loss or missing item, customers can lodge a complaint only after 25 working days. I need to wait again. I checked the mailbox so many times but no sign of it.

Yesterday was the 24th day. Being an Osho book reader, I must do something to recover my parcel. I started to recite in my heart the following : “The Osho Zen Tarot which I ordered will reach me by today at this address XXX (complete address with postcode)”. I repeated the sentence numerous times throughout the day.

And miracles do happen to those who believe in it.

Well, I had to call the day off and I need to leave the office in the evening. I left the office and took the lift down. I walked pass the mailbox and upon reaching the exit door, my inner voice told me to return and check the mailbox. This time, I saw stacks of letters of unknown owners and there was a new stack with a Pos Malaysia “we missed you” note. And on the paper, my name and full address with description of my parcel, asking me to collect my item from the Post Office HQ. It was such a magical moment. The deck heard my calling and I heard its too! I smiled big as I was overwhelmed.


The place I collected my parcel located at 0 Floor (Tingkat 0)


 At last!

Early next morning, headed toward the post office and collected my parcel before work. Holding it in my own hands feels so real and joyous. Something that you have been expecting for such a long time, has finally arrived. I believe that this is a great demonstration of strong willpower and law of attraction. I am too excited to open up the parcel. But I need to wait until I reach home first. Haha! 🙂


The funniest part of why this parcel did not reach me was that it could not fit in into the mailbox. *sweat*  Someone #statingtheobvious


 My Osho Zen Tarot – English version

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