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The Day My Shirt “Burst”!

4 April 2014 – I love today! It has been such a wonderful day for me so far. Well, in the morning, I finally got hold of my long awaited Osho Zen Tarot deck and book which I ordered weeks ago. I shall share my experience in my next post.

In the afternoon, a few minutes before lunch, the shirt I was wearing torn, literally “burst”, causing a big hole at the back. It all happened because I was trying to stretch my body after staying in a sedentary position for awhile. I heard a loud ripping sound on the fabric but I just couldn’t see nor feel it within reachable areas of my hands. To comfort myself, I could only say that all the effort in my workout is paying off now. Hahaha!


Coincidentally my shirt was green. Everyone started calling my Incredible Hulk. |||*_*

I quickly (and cautiously) walked to a mirror and there it is! A big hole!!! OMG! How-lah?! Few more minutes to lunch. Think think think. Brilliant idea. I carried my laptop bag on my back as a cover and head to Uniqlo without fear. And what I saw was they are having a “Limited Offer” for long sleeves cotton shirt. Waahahahaha! I can tell it’s MY day today. Tried two designs and bought one of it at RM49.90 only.


Well, I didn’t change into the new shirt straight away. I wore back the torn one with my backpack and walked around the mall to grab my lunch. Lunch done. Back to the office to change.

This is absolutely a memorable experience for me!


I chose this one – small dots on plain white. Nice? 🙂

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