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Car Servicing is No More a Hassle!

It’s always a headache for me being someone who do not know a thing about cars and automobile. I always feel lost of direction whenever my car gives me challenges. I would not know what to do or where to go if there’s a problem with my car, for instance, which service centre to go to for tyre problems, servicing and etc. especially during the time when I was driving my Wira.

Now that I am driving my baby Avanza, I still have authorised Toyota centres to depend on. However, the price is always at the higher end somehow. Just don’t know why. More premium kot! 😛

One of my tyres was flat on Wesak Day. Gosh! I had to change the tyre… again! (This is not the first time I have a flat tyre). It is not a good experience changing tyres. Someone can easily get dirty, sweaty and messy after the session. Not that it’s a mission impossible. It’s just tiring and taxing, especially when you’re in middle of a busy road. I am lucky that it happened when my car was parked indoor.

After changing my tyre, I saw a nail poked deep in the rubber. I do not know where did it come from. It’s stuck and ‘rolling in the deep’ of the tyre. Grrr… U know the feeling?! Trying to figure out where the hell did the nail come from but you couldn’t get the answer.

Positive thinking : Lucky that I do not need to buy a new tyre. It’s just a nail. All I need to do is to find a workshop to mend it. The question is WHERE?! Suddenly, my cousin’s name flashed in my mind! YES! He’ll be my hero. But wait! Does his workshop mend tyres? I did not know. All I know was that he just started his own workshop early this year, somewhere in Puchong. So, I called him today and asked about it. He said yes, he does mend tyres. Awesome! So i drove to his service centre to mend a broken heart tyre.

Location : It was easy to find. Without his address, I could actually find it at one drive. No problem at all. It is just next to Food Talk cafe, opposite Courts Mammoth. More landmark : same row with Alliance Bank. Alliance Bank being the last shop of the row, his workshop is the first. Here is the full address :

Zhi Sheng Tyre & Auto Service Centre
23, Ground Floor, Jalan Kenari 9,
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor
Contact no. : 03-8071 8586
HP no. : 010-545 8291, 017-916 3331 (Jeson Chong)
Working hours : 9.00am – 7.00pm (perhaps call before you come to check on availability. Mana tahu workshop penuh, kan?!)
zhi_sheng_tyre (5)

zhi_sheng_tyre (6)The first shop next to Food Talk, same row with Alliance Bank

If your cars need servicing or are giving you challenges (touch wood. No one wish for this) and you happen to be around Puchong area, why not give this workshop a try? It’s an authorised Castrol Auto Service centre and they use original Castrol semi-synthetic oil. I heard that they have a promotion coming soon.

Here is a glimpse of Zhi Sheng Tyre & Auto Service Centre. Quite tidy and neat for a car workshop! I like it coz it’s clean!

zhi_sheng_tyre (2)Tyres and Castrol oil arranged neatly on their respective racks and shelves

zhi_sheng_tyre (4)Their services include car repair and servicing, water pressure, alignment, battery, air-cond, sports rim (refer picture above), brake and oil filter.

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