Unwind and Relax @ Chiang Mai (Day 1)

This year, we’ve chosen Chiang Mai as our destination. As usual, the air tickets were booked a year ago when Air Asia had their low fare promo. I was very much anticipating the infamous White Temple and night bazaar. Surprisingly, there were even more to expect!

We went to Meo Village where the Meo hilltribe people stay and trade. They open stores selling food, grocery, souvenirs, fruits and etc.

chiangmai_dixon (1)

The main entrance of the village

chiangmai_dixon (2)

Fresh strawberries sold in cups. You can opt to dip the strawberries in their self-produced sweet and sour powder. Not bad!

chiangmai_dixon (3)

Fresh peach / apricot

chiangmai_dixon (4)

A type of berry (I dunno what it’s called), texture like tomato, but sweeter. I like them!

chiangmai_dixon (5)

Hand woven shoes for babies sold as souvenirs

chiangmai_dixon (6)

Cute lah the shoes. So tiny…

chiangmai_dixon (7)

The signboard at the entrance

Looking at the steps from the picture below might scare you. Hahaha! These are actually steps leading up to the Doi Suthep Temple. Fret not! We took a cable car up. But then we walked down the steps after going round the temple area up the hill. Pheww… Less tiring at least.

chiangmai_dixon (8)

Walk, walk, walk… burn those calories… Hahahaha! Not forgetting to exercise though travelling.

chiangmai_dixon (9)

‘Cleansing’ the sacred dome replica, wishing for good luck, health and prosperity

chiangmai_dixon (10)

Remember to cover your legs when going into the temple. Either, with a scarf or wear long pants. If you do not have a scarf, you can borrow (or rent, not sure) from the counter at the entrance. Mein Mein brought hers! 🙂

chiangmai_dixon (11)

Little hilltribe girls dancing to their traditional music in their costume.

chiangmai_dixon (12)

This girl is so cute, particularly this one.

chiangmai_dixon (13)

It was time for dinner and we had Chiang Mai’s traditional food at one of the cultural restaurant, with performance and dance.

chiangmai_dixon (14)

These are the food served. I like the sweet fried ‘beehoon’, fried chicken and sambal. Yummy!!! They also serve sticky rice. BTW, those round thing at the lowest are fried pork skin. I dun eat pork. So, dunno how they taste like.

chiangmai_dixon (15)

My family with one of the performers…

chiangmai_dixon (16)

chiangmai_dixon (17)

Electrical water lilies on the pond beside the entrance welcoming guests to the restaurant…

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