Unwind and Relax @ Chiang Mai (Day 2)

It’s gonna be an adventurous day coz we are visiting the Maesa Elephant Camp and an orchid and butterfly farm. I am really excited to go to the elephant camp because I know I can have a chance to get near to the majestic creature.

chiangmai_dixon (18)

SMILE! @ the entrance

chiangmai_dixon (19)

Taking photo with two baby elephants. They are taught to ‘entertain’ the guests and ‘ask’ for tips after photo sessions. But they are really adorable.

chiangmai_dixon (20)

We bought a bundle of sugarcane and a bunch of bananas to feed the elephants. Beware that the animals will grab the whole lot of food and stuff them into the mouth. So, untie the snacks further aside before feeding them one by one. Just to have more enjoyment time! 🙂

chiangmai_dixon (21)

This baby just snatch the sugarcane from my hand…

chiangmai_dixon (22)

We didn’t take the elephant ride. But you can if you want to. Just pay at the counter or to your tour guide.

chiangmai_dixon (23)

This is more fun! It’s bathing time for Dumbo and friends… I’ve really enjoyed watching them being cleaned and washed… So fun!

chiangmai_dixon (24)

chiangmai_dixon (25)

This one submerged into the water and cleansed itself… Hahahaha… cooling!

chiangmai_dixon (26)

Elephant show – these giants performed in front of the crowd. They kicked football, threw darts, played basketball and painted beautiful paintings.

chiangmai_dixon (27)

I believe they have really given 101% of effort in their performance…

chiangmai_dixon (28)

An elephant waving its trunk at me…

chiangmai_dixon (29)

After the show, the elephants and their caretakers collected tips and funds from the audience…

chiangmai_dixon (30)

We saw these beautiful orchid pendants in the orchid and butterfly farm. These are made from real orchids and butterfly wings…

chiangmai_dixon (31)

Mein Mein in the orchid farm

chiangmai_dixon (32)

chiangmai_dixon (33)

chiangmai_dixon (34)

The Penang butterfly farm has more butterflies than this one…

After returning from the visitation to the animal farms, we walked to Warorot Market, not far from our hotel. That’s my favourite place. The hub of all kinds of street food and local delicacies. I’ve always liked visiting local markets in the countries I visit.

chiangmai_dixon (35)

Mango sticky rice, a local favourite and must-try!

chiangmai_dixon (36)

Packets of dried fruits and nuts… Borong!!! BTW, do grab more dried longans from Chiangmai as they are really delicious and cheap compared to KL price.

chiangmai_dixon (37)

More street food and frutis…

chiangmai_dixon (38)

They even have sushi and popiah

chiangmai_dixon (39)

Yummy! The big sausage is my favourite (chicken meat), and beef and tendon balls… Please check with the seller before buying, if you want to know what meat they are made of.

chiangmai_dixon (40)

These are pork sausages… funny looking though…

chiangmai_dixon (41)


Tia Cafe – we stop by this cafe when we walked back to the hotel. I liked the emptiness of it at that time. Feels like the whole store was for us! Hahaha!

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