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Hi, I’m ACE!


YES! YES! YES! I’m ACE, ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

Since May 2014, I have been attending the ACE Certified Personal Trainer course in Fit Malaysia as a part time student. It was not my first time in FIT Malaysia but this is definitely my first time there as a student. Throughout the 3 months period, I have gotten 4 different certifications by FIT before being certified by The American Council of Exercise (ACE). The certificates are CPR and Basic Life Support, Certified Personal Instructor, Essential Personal Trainer and lastly, Certified Personal Trainer. There were tests required before being certified each of the certification, including a practical test which required the students to train the trainer. It was not as easy as I thought but I managed to pass each of the test and exam. Thank goodness!

On 16 August, about 60 ACE students did the final ACE exam and I was one of them. After going through the intensed 3.5 hours (Normal 3 hours. Extra 1.5 hours for non-English speaking countries), I came out from the exam hall with a frozen brain. I couldn’t even smile when I was at the lobby. It was definitely a tough one. Most of the questions require a lot of thinking and applying what we’ve learnt from the classes. I saw a lot of the students moving the body parts and limbs while reading the questions. LOL! It was worth all the mileage and tolls traveling from Puchong to Damansara Perdana twice a week to attend all the classes. Full attendance helps a lot in getting accurate information and knowledge. Pay attention and ask questions when in doubts.

After 3 weeks of waiting, the result was out yesterday and I passed! That was such a relief and the feeling of waiting does not feel any good. But I am happy that I passed the exam and you can call me ACE PT Coach Dixon now. *Proud moments*

Thank you everyone who have been so supportive especially my wife and family. You know this is a drastic change for me and I really need your support. Thanks FIT Malaysia and its educators for serving as a platform and teachers for students to learn everything about coaching, health and sports. Thanks to all my buddies from the same class. You guys are awesome!

NOTE : Photos with my ACE cert shall be uploaded once available. Sabarnyerr… 😛


My ACE buddies – Chan, Stephanie and Atu



Us during classes at Fit Malaysia


Practising Chest Press


Cardio to test our VT1 and VT2 level using the Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scales

* Photos courtesy of Fit Malaysia


My photo on the Wall of Fame in Fit Malaysia. This is one of my dreams come true moment! It’s also the beginning of a new chapter. (Photo credit : Chan SK)

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