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My Achievement in MH Refine & Define Crossfit Workshop

2014 has been such a great year for myself. Besides quitting my 9-5 job, I passed my ACE Certified Personal Trainer exam and am now a part time coach with Metcon X. The feeling is just so great that I am now doing what I love.

MH_Crossfit (1)

A write up on the event featured on Men’s Health Malaysia December 2014 issue

Men’s Health Malaysia organised an event called MH Refine & Define Crossfit Workshop and called for participants via their social media. Me being a loyal reader of the magazine, quickly sent in my details hoping for a chance to get selected into the workshop. I have been hearing about Crossfit but I had not got the chance getting involved in it. It was the best chance for me to learn more about it. Awesome enough, I got selected and jumped into the wagon along with other participants on 18 October, Session 1. My buddy, Kevin Yap, was also selected. Another friend, Chun was also there.

MH_Crossfit (5)

Best buddy, Kevin Yap

MH_Crossfit (8)

Same group with Chun

The event was held in District 13 Gym in Section 13, Petaling Jaya. We were greeted by Men’s Health’s personnel and were required to fill out some forms. At 9am sharp, we started the session by being introduced to two coaches of District 13, Aidi and Matt. Thereafter, participants were divided into 2 groups, me in one while Kevin in another. I was in the same group with Chun.

As warm ups, we did some slow jog, walking lunges and inchworm. In the group, we were paired up and I got to partner with a new friend, Suresh. Our next workout was box jump and bear crawl. Also in the next segment, Matt taught us about high row and kettlebell swing.

MH_Crossfit (4)

With my new friend, Suresh

There was a Last Man Standing challenge by the end of the workshop, which no one expected. We were told to do 1 minute of burpees, and straight away do plank hold for time. The last two participants will then challenge against each other by doing tyre flips from one end to another. Great enough, I plank held up till the end, entered the finals and lucky enough to WIN the challenge! *Applause*

MH_Crossfit (6)

The coaches from District 13, Aidi and Matt

Kevin cheered for me throughout the challenge and I must thank him for being there, especially during the plank hold moments. He kept reminding me to hold it in and stay focus. Thank you, bro!

MH_Crossfit (9)

Displaying my prizes

I won myself a bag of prizes from sponsors like Reebok Malaysia, GNC Live Well Malaysia and District 13, in addition to the goodies bag by the organiser and sponsors. Reebok Malaysia was kind enough to reward me a voucher to redeem for full workout set (top, bottom and footwear) of my own preference!!! Woot! Woot!

MH_Crossfit (2)

Thank you Reebok Malaysia for these wonderful Reebok Crossfit items!!! I redeemed these at Reebok Fithub @ Nu Sentral Mall

A huge thanks to the organiser, Men’s Health Malaysia, sponsors, my buddy, Kevin, Metcon X coaches for being there as role models and team mates whom I can look up to. Hugs for you guys!

MH_Crossfit (3)

Quoted from MH Dec 2014 issue; “Dixon Thum was revealed as the Last Man Standing for the Session 1 workshop…” (Correction : I am the one on the Right. Not Left as stated on the magazine)

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