The All-in-One Skincare, teinei from Japan

😷 Since having to wear face masks more often lately, my face had been affected with acne and pimples frequently. Another thing that bothered me was my dry skin on the forehead and eyes area. You know how frustrating that could be when this happened.

💧Not long before the CNY, I was introduced to this product called teinei from Japan. Amazingly, with @teinei_japan, my skin becomes more nourished and hydrated. It absorbs very fast into the skin and does not leave any sticky feeling after applying.

🎴It is made of natural ingredients from Japan like sakura, yuzu, rice lees and sage. These ingredients are great to preserve moisture on the skin, prevent dryness and deep moisturization.

I am someone who dislike ‘mafan’ (trouble). What I like most about teinei is it’s ALL-IN-ONE; toner, moisturizer, emulsion and serum. Extremely convenient and functional.

If you’re also looking for a product that suits your lifestyle and skin type, do check out @teinei_japan

🛒 teinei is available on Shopee and Lazada.

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