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Care LoveBox for This Valentine’s Day

⛑️ It’s always safety first for me!

💝 Valentine’s Day is coming soon. My advice to my friends who are committed to family planning or preventing unwanted pregnancy to use condoms. Moreover, it is one of the most effective ways to prevent STD.

According to the National Institute of Health, condoms should not be kept directly in your wallet or pocket, especially when you are on-the-move. The friction while carrying the condoms around can affect its quality.

🛅 Instead, condoms should be kept in a container to safeguard its quality.

This beautifully designed Care LoveBox can best be used to keep condoms. It fits perfectly in pocket or bags and protects the content inside. It can hold up to 4-5 condoms or Wild Wild Wet lube sachets! There are a total of seven designs, in collaboration with Lim Heng Swee of ilovedoodle, making them a practical and fun collectible gift for your loved one.

🛒 Buy CARE LoveBox at Care Official Website ( and get a best seller Care48 (3’s) for FREE with this promo code: 2box10care (code expiring on 15th March 2022)

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