New Pet Food for Bobby – Equilibrio

I think I haven’t feature my family pet dog enough on my social media so far. Well, this is Bobby. He has been with us for more than 10 years. He takes care of our house very well. To others, Bobby is a pet dog but to us, he is family.

Lately we introduced a new pet food brand to Bobby called Equilibrio Dog for Adult Medium Breed by @equilibriomalaysia.

Little did we know before this, Equilibrio is actually a super premium pet food brand with products of high nutritional value, prescribed by professionals including veterinarians! It is made of high quality ingredients and contains the perfect amounts of vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, proteins and minerals.

As Bobby is already a full grown adult, it needs the right amount of nutrition in order to keep it strong and healthy.

I believe Equilibrio is the right brand for him as this brand is constantly investing in research and technology to develop foods with high nutritional value for dogs and cats. It has one of the most modern industrial parks in the world. I also got to know that the brand maintains partnership with Brazilian and North American researches and veterinary to develop innovative and safe pet foods.

I am confident that Bobby can maintain its health with the right food from a great brand like Equilibrio.

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