Digital Oil Painting by The Creative Factory

I got a very meaningful gift for my parent-in-laws. They live in Penang and I was looking for a gift that is special to represent my love to them since we live very far away and could not stay with them most of the time.

Hence I sent a photo of us we took during our last trip to Batu Ferringhi to @the_creative_factory_my to be recreated as a digital painting. Just in time for CNY, I received the beautiful digital painting before I drove back to Penang the other day. My parent-in-laws were very touched and love the painting very much. The precious moment was captured on camera when we did the unboxing together.

Do checkout and follow @the_creative_factory_my for more information about their products and services.

Get a digital painting with good quality at only RM88, as a gift to your loved ones. It can be a family portrait, parents’ old time photo, childhood photo or even someone who is no longer here.

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