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Three Refreshing Flavours of Three Legs Cooling Water

Three Legs Cooling Water has been a popular brand of many households since I was younger. I have heard and know about its famous drink that is effective to cool down body heatiness.

Lately, I was surprised when I got to know that @capkakitigamy has recently introduced the Three Legs Cooltopia Cooling Water. It comes in three interesting flavours of the Juicy Guava, Luscious Lychee and the latest one, Zesty Lime.

It is a perfect to relieve heatiness especially after consuming oily & fried foods, durian or even excessive spicy foods, especially when we have sore throat and mouth ulcers. Besides that, I normally have it after workout to cool down and stay hydrated.

These Coolicious cooling water drinks are now available on their website and nearby convenience stores around you.

Get them now!

Alternatively, you can purchase them on Shopee e-Commerce platform too at

Do follow their official social media platforms for the latest updates, promotions and events.



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