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A Daytrip to Seremban

#throwback of our trip to #Seremban

The fried kuey teow with etxra cockles was delicious! We shared among ourselves cause the portion was quite generous.

Went to the centipede temple as it was recommended by a friend, and it was quite near to the fried kuey teow coffeeshop.

Enjoyed strolling around town, doing nothing much, but just admiring the surroundings and trying to hunt for surprises.

The street murals were definitely a surprising discovery for us. Didn’t expect so many colours in our short trip.

Short trips like this should happen more often! 🚙

Interesting spots (Google Map):
📍Pin Xiang Lou Restaurant
📍Siew Pao Master
📍Macao Emper Tart
📍Wu Gong San Chinese Temple
📍Pasar Besar Seremban
📍Lorong Seni (Seni Seremban)

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