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Bottoms Lab Cool-Flex Jeans : Ultra-Stretchable, Quick-Drying, Anti-Radiation Pockets

Most probably you have read about my blog posts about Bottoms Lab Momentum Long Pants, which are my favourite pair for formal and semi-formal functions. You can read about them here and here.

Now, I would love to tell you more about my current favourite pair of jeans. It’s the newly addition, Bottoms Lab Cool-Flex Jeans.

Here are some features that I really like about the jeans:
What I like about the jeans is it is extra stretchable that I can wear it to do yoga and workout. Its ultra-stretchable fabric makes exercising in a pair of denim possible! I can easily do squats, pigeon pose, backbend, warrior pose… and many more!

It is also quick-drying. Unlike the conventional jeans that trap heat and sweat around my thighs, this one never make me feel hot nor heaty. I must say that I still sweat heavily especially when I walk around. But this one, dries very quickly. Best to wear during trips and travel.

There is also a special ‘hidden’ feature – anti-radiation pockets. The pocket fabric of this Bottoms Lab Cool-Flex Jeans is integrated with copper material to minimise smartphone radiation while carrying them, hence saving the ‘soldiers’ in our sack.

Do check out Bottoms Lab Cool-Flex Jeans on their official website for more other features and details about the product. Trust me, you won’t regret getting one.
Apply code DIXON10 for 10% off.

There are three colour options: Navy Blue (mine is this one), Graphite Black and Washed Blue.

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