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“Sweat It Out” Together with the Finalists of Mr World Malaysia 2022

I attended the “Sweat It Out” exercise session with the finalists of Mr World Malaysia 2022 at Star Fitness Aeon Big Wangsa Maju on 1 October 2022 morning. This search for Malaysia’s most desirable man is organized by Universal Music Malaysia (UM) and Star Fitness is the official fitness center for Mr World Malaysia 2022.

The exercise session was one of the activities that have been designed in the organization of Mr World Malaysia 2022.

“As the official fitness center for the organization of Mr World Malaysia this year, all finalists will be given access to all Star Fitness clubs in Malaysia where these participants can undergo exercise training and prepare for the final round of the competition which will be held on 21 October at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.”

said Mr Syed Shaddad, Managing Director of Star Fitness

Preparation for Mr World 2022 Participation
In addition, the main winner of Mr World Malaysia 2022 will receive a prize in the form of a Star Fitness membership and a personal training session from a Star Fitness trainer in preparation for participating at the prestigious Mr World 2022 expected to be held in United Kingdom.

Burning Up to 500 Calories Per Session
The exercise session that took place today saw the finalists of Mr World Malaysia 2022 doing WAR, RIP and Interval Circuit Training exercises. WAR is a mixed martial arts workout that burns up to 500 calories per session. This high-energy, martial arts-inspired workout is a great way to de-stress while getting fit. Whereas RIP is a pre-choreographed strength training program that gives you the results you want.

The finalists were quite lucky because they were among the first to try the signature WAR and RIP classes that will be launched to club members next month. The advantages of these two programs can certainly help improve stamina and muscle endurance.

Support Mr World Malaysia 2022
The Mr World Malaysia 2022 competition aims to unearth new talent and diversify the talent portfolio under the auspices of Celebrity360, a UM talent management agency. To watch the final gala, ticket can be purchased at Ticket2U and vote for your favorite finalist at Pageant Vote where the winner of Mr Popular Vote will advance directly to Top 10. 

For any further inquiries, please visit

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16 thoughts on ““Sweat It Out” Together with the Finalists of Mr World Malaysia 2022”

  1. takutnya tgk persiapan untuk penyertaan MrWorld Malaysia 2022.. Banyak juga yang latihan yang perlu dilakukan untuk tampil hebat nanti.. semoga berjaya buat para peserta Mr World Malaysia 2022


  2. Terus bersemangat bila lihat masih ramai suka bersukan dan menjaga kesihatan. Selepas covid-19 dan kita sibuk bekerja, jarang sangat keluar beriadah dan berpeluh. I kena start asap! Nak sihat macam Mr World. Hehe.


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