Yippi Offers 27,900 Yipps Reward to UEFA Champions League Football Fans

I have downloaded Yippi and joined the “Predict & Win” campaign!

Join In to Predict the Matches Together!
The Round of 16 UEFA Champions League second leg has started! As the leading social and communication application in Southeast Asia, I heard that Yippi participates in this wave of football frenzy.

Stand a chance to win total prize pool of 23,000 Yipps

From March 8 to June 10, 2023, the “Predict & Win” campaign, hosted by Yippi, will run simultaneously with the UEFA Champions League. The event is open to all Yippi users who want to predict the winning teams for each Champions League match and win Yipps reward points, with a total prize pool of 27,900 Yipps. So wait no more and quickly download Yippi to join in the fun in the “Predict & Win” campaign now!

Earn Reward Points by Correctly Predicting the Winning Team
For your information, there are 21 matches with a total prize pool of 23,000 Yipps up for grabs. Users of Yippi can earn reward points by successfully predicting the winning team for each match. In addition, 4,900 Yipps reward points will be shared among the top 10 Leaderboard winners!

Syiok lah! I have made my predictions and can’t wait to check out the winning team in every match. Now football fans like us can collect and redeem points via this Yippi app!

Interact with Other Football Fans via Yippi’s “Predict & Win”
One of the most significant and elite club competitions in European football, the UEFA Champions League displays the prowess of the strongest clubs from different European countries. Every year, this event draws billions of viewers from around the world. What’s more interesting is, football fans from all over the world can match results, discuss matches, and interact with each other through Yippi’s “Predict & Win” campaign.

One of the most trusted car brands in Malaysia, Subaru, is joining in as an official advertiser this season. Isn’t this awesome?!

Download Yippi now!

What is Yippi?
Yippi is a SuperApp that provides e-rewards for users to earn and redeem Yipps points. Yipps have an array of purposes, including paying utility and mobile bills, point redemption, and also used in F&B, online shopping, travelling, entertainment, beauty and healthcare. 

In addition to the e-rewards program, Yippi offers various features for users to enjoy, including social media, instant messaging, and live broadcasts. 

As of now, Yippi has over 4 million active users across Southeast Asia and China, with the majority being male. The largest age group of Yippi users is between 25-34 years old, followed by the age group of 18-24 years old.

Don’t miss out the fun and download Yippi now!

How to Download Yippi?
Download “Yippi” from your Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery. Once downloaded the app, register a free account and begin enjoying the benefits offered by Yippi!

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16 thoughts on “Yippi Offers 27,900 Yipps Reward to UEFA Champions League Football Fans”

  1. First time dengar pasal apps Yippi ni.
    geng geng yang suka bola tu wajib download apps ni. Boleh la predict2 sape menang kan


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