Our Wedding

29 September 2008 – A Very Special Day for Me…

I have been celebrating my birthday on 29 September every year since 1982. But on 29 September 2008, the day marks another special and meaningful event in my life. It’s the day I’ve entered another stage of my life. Mein & I got married on this very special day.

We went to get registered in Putrajaya. Family members from both parties attended the very special event. My best friends, CF, Ip & Feli came to celebrate the joyous day together with us. CF was given the honour to become one of our witnesses to sign on our wedding registration certificate.

After signing, we had a very long photo session, which was very much enjoyable! 🙂 And the pictures we took around Putrajaya were extremely beautiful.

We then went for lunch together in Janbo Restaurant which was a bad choice. But anyway, that didn’t affect our mood. Celebrated my birthday with the cake Popo bought. Actually it was also meant for Ma & Yin’s belated birthday celebration. So it’s something like a 4-in-1 cake.

In the evening, Mein’s family and I went to Sunway Suites Resort to stay over night before they go back Penang. We had a very enjoyable experience there. I would like to specially highlight that my stay there very much made me felt welcomed. Although there was a small problem upon my check-in, but the reception counter staff, Thomas, solved my problem quickly and promptly. Impressive~!

IMG_2648 The hand bouquet I got for Mein.

IMG_2682 Holding hands forever…

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Before going into the JPN office…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          The precious moment…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This picture is specially dedicated to all my Malay friends…



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This cake is the gift from Popo. From now on, my birthday will be our wedding anniversary…!!!

Credits :
Photos : Yin & Feli
Hand bouquet : Snow White Florists @ Kuchai Lama
Rings : Poh Kong
Cake : Choc Mud Cake from Secret Recipe
Restaurant : Janbo Restaurant @ Seri Petaling (a bad choice)
Hotel : Sunway Suites Resort

Our Wedding

1 September 2008

meinroses *27 Sept 2008 : updated photo 

1 September 2008 @ 11:10PM – She came back from Bangkok and I fetched her from Kuchai Lama. Drove ourselves to the park in Sri Petaling where we had our romantic night there last time during Valentine’s Day. Took out the red roses and the ring.

“Will you marry me?”

She nodded and cried.

I smiled.

Our Wedding

16 July 2008

The day we submitted the form together. What we got back is a piece of letter telling us to come back for the ceremony on 29 September 2008 – a date I chose. It’s my birthday.

skydark The sky was dark along the way to Putrajaya

JPNbig Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara in Putrajaya

JPNtitle JPNin

letter I got this back! 

photos Our photos will be displayed here for 21 days

Tips to all future "husbands and wives" who are planning to get married in JPN :

1) Just bring your MyKad and 1 passport-sized photo.

2) You can get the registration form from the counter.

3) The staff there are very polite.

* This is only applicable for both parties whose address are in the same state.