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Energetic Day!

I feel extremely different today. I’ve been to a seminar in Genting organised by U-Net International for the past two days. After that, my brain has never stopped. been thinking about my family, work and future. It’s totally different now. I dunno what are difference but I could sense something different in my mind. I’ve to pass up an advertisement poster tomoro but I havent even started doing it today, but I don’t feel a thing. I know I’ll do it later. But where to get the ideas all that is not felt. What I’m thinking of now is my praktikum, my future work, Mein and our future. I’m rather slow to catch up something which needs my full commitment actually. I need some time to arrange my work and plan my future properly.

1 thought on “Energetic Day!”

  1. just look at some newspaper, or magazine toget some ideas for your poster.加油!my dear.I know you can do it not only well, but excellent! rite?and thanks that accompany me to the camp.I have some blog at my slobber oven. you can read it (^_^)!


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