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Diet : Day 1

Today is the first day I go through my intensive diet. I shall not consume any carbohydrate, sweet, salt, oil or etc. All I can take in are fruits, clear water, fresh vege and DXN Spirulina Cereal. I’m not sure how long I can stand this diet but I will try my best to do it for at least a week. I had papaya this morning. For lunch I had a packet of Spirulina Cereal. My stomach is already feeling empty now. I will consume another packet of cereal after finishing this blog. I shall drink a lot of water (I brought two bottles to work today).
Will I get the result I want? I doubt but I will do it to achieve my target!  NO FOOD!!!

2 thoughts on “Diet : Day 1”

  1. so poor, remember you at least must take 6-10 pack of Spirulina Cereal perdayang alot of flash vegetable (don\’t cook it).if not you will loss anergy and you\’ll be very tired and sleepy, if seriously you will fall sick. Please follow the instruction.Take bath with cool water, and do some light exercise.


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