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Diet : Day 1 (part 2)

After work, I went home and had fruit meal. I ate papaya and pineapple. Then I went for my tuition class. After that, I had a cup of cereal. It’s delicious!  Yummy… I drank a lot of water. Actually this diet is not totally to lose weight. I take this diet because I want to detoxify my body. I’m not sure if it will really help BUT I will try whatever I can. I will continue today the same diet but with more amount of cereal to gain back all the nutrient my body needs. And also more fruits. Don’t worry! If I can’t stand it, I’ll just eat normal meal. Haha… U know lah… I like to eat… I’m already missing KFC, McD and all those chocolate cakes in Secret Recipe… Hmmm… hmm…

1 thought on “Diet : Day 1 (part 2)”

  1. dear, I know you can do it more better then me one! I can standfor 4day I think you also can stand for a week rite? last time when i finish do this dietotherapy.although I feel the smell of those goreng foods was very delicious but when you come to taste it I feel don\’t like it and very oilly. haha! may be you too? haha


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