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Diet : Day 2

Yesterday was the second of my diet therapy. I feel rather ok than the first day maybe becoz my body has got used to the habit. But the difference was that I ate 4 packets of cereal – one packet more than the day before. Actually it’s weird, I don’t feel very hungry most of the time and I can tell that the cereal really helped to make me feel full and energetic. I love this product.
When I reached home after work, my mum asked me if I want to eat the roasted soy sauce chicken wings. Oh no!!!! That’s one of my favourite dishes…!!! BUT no way I’m gonna eat them. I’m on diet, remember?! So, I had to skip the meal. Poor thing…
Mein sent me this diet therapy step-by-step instruction. Thank you to her for supporting me in this diet and helping me to keep a healthy body. Love u!
  1. first day : drinks a two full cup of plain water (or you can put molinzyam) in one short with your RG + GL 6(biji).It like you use water to flush your toilet, but now is your intestines. Then plase wait for an half or one hour then take fruits and vegetable for you breakfast untill you fill full.(the enzyme in friuts and vegetables can help you to digest every things in your intestines, and the fiber in side those two things help you to stick on all toxic in your intestines and then the vitamin of those fruits and vege BARU can fully absorb, this is to increase your immunity system. Then you can take your siprulina cereal when you feel hunger, this is to make sure that you have nutrition yang seimbang. Because in side friut and vege less garam minaral , fat (vege fat), and protein. So you must take a lot of siprulina. For a person mostly they need 30-50(biji)DXN siprulina, to give you the fully nutrition. So you have at least take 6-10 pack of cereal because one pack of cereal have 5 (biji) siprulina. Ini this process you need to drinks a lot of water is because you need to flush out every things toxic in your intestines, blood, and other organ. Do some simple exercise to sweated your body.
  2. second day : do all same like first day just turn/cut all fruits and vege in small pieces baru eat. (you well feel more hunger then first day, and you can just eat like fist day also).
  3. third day : do all same just like first day but you can blend all fruits and vege in thick congee baru eat. (you well feel most hunger and you can just eat like fist day also).
  4. fourth day : same like third day.
  5. fiveth day: same like second day.
  6. sixth day : same like first day. 

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