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Diet : Day 3 & Starlight Cinema…

Went to watch Mr & Mrs Smith in the Bukit Kiara Starlight Cinema but failed due to the bad weather. We (my sis & I) actually went there early but it started to rain around 7:30pm. So, we just got up and bye bye to Brad & Angelina… Nevermind, I have the vcd… ehem… pirated?! Think about that…
It was my 3rd day if diet as well. Oh no!!! My brain will explode!!! Stop thinking about the delicious food…. AAAHHHHH!!!! It feels hard but yet the desire to get a healthy body is always strong in me.

3 thoughts on “Diet : Day 3 & Starlight Cinema…”

  1. pity you can\’t watch the movie just because of the bad weather, my place yesterday also raining. your food just look like rabbit \’s food haha! no matter how hard I\’ll will support you!


  2. I agree with slobber. It seems like rabbit food! ha .I think the best way to have a healthy boday is to do more sport.


  3. haha, I really can\’t imagine you be come a rabbit haha. I just can link up you and the "donkey" in st2. remember take cereal,oh!


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