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My Christmas in 2006

This year, I celebrated Christmas with Mein’s family. Reached Penang on 23 Dec 2006 noon. Mein’s bro fetched us from Sg Nibong back home. Rested. In the evening, we went for BBQ steamboat in 8-Row. RM16.00 per person. The choices were not much but I liked the steamboat though. Although Wai’s gf didn’t like it as much compared to the one in Johor where she had during her study life. For me, I liked another one called “Golden Pot” (if I’m not wrong) behind Giant. But this one is nearer and cheaper. Smaller crowd.

The next morning, had my favourite dimsum breakfast. It’s real cheap and value for money. This restaurant is situated opposite KDU College. The dimsum choices are too many and my eyes easily go whirling around among the various kind of dimsum offered. Those who are planning to come to Penang, MUST try the dimsum here. Waste no time!

At night, we went to Gurney Plaza and had a good plate of pasembur. The seller was funny. Singing & dancing around while chopping and serving the food. As for the Christmas eve celebration, it was not very happening but all I could say is LOUD & KIDS! Perhaps of the age factor, we (Wai, Ling, Mein & I) tend to feel is too loud and dirty having people spraying “snow” bubbles against each other, shouting without a reason and “attacking” strangers with their “confetti weapons the whole night. The worst area was right in front of Gurney Plaza (Secret Recipe side). It was really bad and jammed. We didn’t like the feeling walking along this area at all.

Comparing to KL, I guess the celebration back here in KL was  same in Bukit Bintang area. But I guess it should be better in Damansara area or One Utama area. But I doubt the celebration was more in the Christmas factor OR the “celebration” factor.

Do we now celebrate Christmas due to the meaning of this special day OR do we now celebrate it by the fact of everybody is celebrating it? I’m not sure how people look into this special day but for me, it is more of like celebrating it together with family members & loved ones.

Like last year, my family members had a simple gift exchange ceremony on Christmas day. It was a small thing but this is one way we keep ourselves attached together.

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