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You Know What I Did in Bootcamp? (Part 3)

Besides all the heart pumping exercises in the (wet muddy) field, COBC never forgets to enjoy themselves. Since June, I have never missed a partay session with the awesome team of COBC. In the party, we would usually witness top bootcampers being awarded with ACE certs for their full attendance and commitment. Also there’ll be the most exclusive award, Spirit of Bootcamp (SOB) for the most voted exemplary bootcamper in each platoon.

My favourite cap  for being the King of Squat Pulses with Lizza, the Queen of Squat pulses.

Personally, I heart the SOB so much that I wish I could be like Joe Liew, who is the record holder of the most voted SOB (5 times). Currently, I was voted once in July 2011, and also being awarded ACE cert for 6 months consecutively and counting. So far, we have had parties of various themes like Superhero & Villains, Green and Yellow (Buka Puasa potluck), Halloween and others.

One of my best achievement in COBC – SOB July 2011 (USJ1-Alpha)!!! Hooyah!!!

The big family of COBC…

The creatures of COBC – Best Dressed Nominees…

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